From trash compaction to regularly scheduled property equipment maintenance, We offer full-service trash managent. In addition, we provide expert consultation to evaluate

trash/recycling methods and encourage proper usage by tenants and employees. The results are an average cost savings of 20-30% and a more eco-friendly process.

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   CASE INDUSTRIES is your Bay Area premier waste stream reduction provider for multi-family, commercial,

and industrial properties.  WATCH VIDEO HERE

We deliver swift and efficient trash management with waste consolidation and compaction, on-site facility evaluations, and best in class porter services.  Not only does this ensure more appealing properties and landscapes, clients also experience both direct and indirect cost savings while integrating a greener approach to trash management.


   Since 1991, CASE INDUSTRIES has helped Bay Area businesses save hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as ensure clean properties while becoming more efficient with their trash situation.  A family owned and operated business, we are committed to providing cleaner, more efficient working and living environment.  

CASE INDUSTRIES has an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau and holds memberships with various Bay Area Chambers of Commerce.   Learn More

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